Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pictures around Sunny Spot Gardens (week of Aug 15th 2011)

Well its still summer and august is the HOTTEST month here in zone 9 but my fall plants are starting to come up and the Farm is starting to come alive! : )

Enjoy this weeks pics!

~ABOVE~ Here You can see a view of the 2 new beds, One fully filled and ready for planting (corn to the right already coming up)and the second bed that has dirt every 2 feet in this bed winter squash, watermelon, and honeydew is planted the other dirt does not need to be filled in right now because winter squash and the other plants vine out : )

~BELOW~ Another View of our new gardens (4 x 18) where many plants will be growing within the next month! : )

~ABOVE~ A Look at our current beds being weeded and evened out ready for this months and next months planting!

~BELOW~ Our bean trellis with our dry beans coming up (black beans on one side and white/brown spotted beans on the other)

~BELOW~ Here are our tiny 4 inch corn plants growing in groups of 3 plants

~ABOVE~ A closeup of our corn plant : )

~BELOW~ Our Cowpeas (Black Eyed Peas) growing very fast and not minding the heat or sun at all, next year I will start these at the start of summer to see if they could be a good Summer crop which is hard to come by here in zone 9 : )

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