Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekend Project #2~ Build a Raised Garden Bed

Hey readers!
Its another Wednesday and you know what that means! Another Weekend Project Blog!!
This blog shows what my plans are for that coming weekend, gives instructions, and other needed info so you could 2 could make it your weekend project!

This weeks project?...
Raised garden beds!

So this weekend my goal is to build 2 out of 3 new beds in my backyard, for this project I will be using a mix of supplies.

What you need:
12 concrete blocks
10 landscape timbers (8ft long)
2 bags of dirt

What you will do:
Place your bricks in your desired new garden space. 3 blocks as each of the ends. 20 feet apart.
Place the landscape timbers on the ground connecting the 2 ends (one of the landscape timbers has to be cut in half).. that's 2 1/2 timbers per side. Place firmly into soil and dig soil up firmly on either side to secure timbers. Now fill up holes in your concrete blocks with soil.. plant a flower, or some herbs.. fill newly created bed with soil.

This bed is 4 x 20 but you can make it as long or as short as you want by adding/subtracting landscape timbers : )

Very Simple but VERY useful!

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