Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekend Project #3~ Tree Swing

Hey readers! Its another Wednesday and you know what that means! Another Weekend Project Blog!!
This blog shows what my plans are for that coming weekend, gives instructions, and other needed info so you could 2 could make it your weekend project!

This weeks project?... Tree Swing!

Ever looked at those cute little houses with their white picket fence, perfectly groomed yard, tree swing and small dog running around? Well thats NOT my house but i have always wanted a tree swing and my daughter LOVES to swing so why not add that now?

What you need?

A thick board a inch or more thick
The width and length depends on you but somewhere around 20 inches long by 8 inches wide

A drill with half-inch drill bit

3/8th inch thick rope cut to size depending on the height of your tree and swing (note: You want the swing to be high enough off the ground the tallest rider barley touches the ground)

Visit Swings Tampa Bay to learn to tie the swing knot

Drill 2 holes about 2 inches in (2 inches from both ends)

Put your rope through one side hole and up through the bottom of the other side hole, tie as they describe on swings tampa bay site (

drape over large strong branch and tie following instructions

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