Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weekend Project #5 ~ Mason Bee Nest

Hey readers! Its another Wednesday and you know what that means! Another Weekend Project Blog!!
This blog shows what my plans are for that coming weekend, gives instructions, and other needed info so you could 2 could make it your weekend project!

This weeks project?... Building a Mason Bee Nest!

Ive been looking towards working more with nature instead of against it.
Of course i dont use pesticides or fertilizers that aren't natural.
Ive installed a rain barrel but Ive been trying to exclude animals from my garden so they wouldn't tear into my crops.. well its time to invite some back.. the BEES!

The gardeners best friend and perfect pollinator!

What You Need:

~ 1 block of wood between 5 and 6 inches deep and about 1 ft long
~ drill with drill bit 5/16th inch

What you do?:
Take the block of wood and drill holes in rows in the piece of wood but not all the way through... if the block is 6 inches deep drill about 5 inches deep, etc

Attach to a wood post, chain link fence, house, anywhere that you will not have to remove it.. the ideal location is facing south but set up multiple in your house and see what works for you : )

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