Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What We've Been up to Around Sunny Spot Gardens!

So as i have blogged we have been working on removing grass in both front and backyards, making new beds (in front and back), mulching with hay to keep feet off of hot dirt, keep it from becoming a mud pit, make it look nice AND enrich our soil as it decays!
So after we tilled we have been slowly creating new garden spaces with raised beds and mulching out pathways!
It starting to come together!

As you see above this is our new and improved front yard.. grass patches and weed infestation is replaced with garden beds, banana trees, and hay mulch (we will be adding a small tree swing for Brooke in the VERY near future)! It a huge improvement and even my skeptical mom likes the new front yard! I'm very happy with how its coming along.. wood mulch around the tree, dirt filling the new beds, and flowers and herbs planted (along with a couple more banana trees.. or maybe papaya) will complete the transformation!

Now in our backyard things are coming along a little slower due to lack of fiances (those went to the front yard before someone complained).. We did get the bean bed hammered together today, filled, trellis was just about completed and our pole beans were planted! Also in our lone bean cage black eye peas were planted!
Here is 2 looks at our new bean trellis!

I think things are starting to look great around the Gardens!
If anyone comes across anything you are not using and think we could use please do not hesitate to email me for my address to drop off : ) all gifts are accepted and very very much appreciated! : ) bjaukett@gmail.com

Anyways hope your week is going well!

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