Friday, September 16, 2011

...and when you give to her she always gives back

Our mother.. wonderful mother nature, if you give to her she will always return that gift.

I only garden organic which brings problems like pest control.. well I guess our mother feels that I'm doing a decent job giving to her because this week she blessed us with the gift of ladybugs.. these ladybugs destroyed our aphid infestation within a week.

Its amazing to watch.. nature doing what it does best (taking care of itself)

I compost, recycle, use less, repurpose, grow food, then turn it back into the ground to add organic matter, nutrients, etc

In turn our mother gives me the most precious gift.. food, and happiness

My family loves to be outside (weather permitting) enjoying her wonderful sights, sounds, textures, smells..

If more people let nature be nature we could help our planet instead of abuse it, but we don't, instead we dump chemicals onto those plants to rid our bug problems, weed problems, any problem someone somewhere thinks may be solved by a expensive chemical..

This is one of my true joys, watching how life happens.. and its all in my backyard!!!

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  1. build the roots nurture the environment and it gets beautiful pretty quickly.