Saturday, September 10, 2011


What is a Aphid?

A nasty little bug that feeds by sucking sap from plants. It reproduces rapidly, often producing live young without mating, and may live in large colonies that cause extensive damage to crops.

Sounds lovely right?

How to know you have Aphids..
Many ways.. Leaf Curl, yellowing of leaves, deformed growth, yellow sticky eggs, large clusters of what looks like dirt stuck around your plant..

I have aphids.. on my corn and beans.. UGH!

Tonight I am making my poison.. MWA HAHAHAHAHA

~ 2 habanero pepper
~ 4 cloves of garlic
~ a teaspoon of cooking oil
~ a couple squirts of dish soap
~ water

First bring some water to a boil, enough to fill whatever spray bottle you are using, peel and prick holes in your garlic cloves and peppers, Boil for 30 minutes then mash with a potato masher, leave overnight, in the morning strain into spray bottle, add you oil and dish soap, shake up and start spraying

When using this spray I first recommend removing as many bugs as you can since they breed so quick then spray.. Respray every week or after every rain (whichever comes first)

These bugs are aggressive and can destroy crops but also watch for their enemies.. ladybugs, wasps, and ants!

Wish my luck with my battle!
Tomorrow ill be armed and ready to FIGHT!

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