Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cardboard Boxes... A Gardeners Best Friend?

Cardboard boxes.. you see them on corners, in stores, almost every where uses them so what can we do to keep those boxes from winding up in garbage fills?


Right now I'm snuffing out my persistent grass that has come back after my tilling. Today Ronnie cut the grass real short and we started laying down boxes.. these will snuff out the grass while keeping it from coming back, provide a safe comfy home for worms, it will break down slowly which adds organic matter to your soil..

I think I'm in love with what I once stuffed into the recycle bin..

You can also use it as a mulch around your plants.. it keeps you soil moist and cooler while not allowing the growth of weeds.

You can use cardboard in sheet composting, regular composting, vermiculure, etc

Want to use it to get rid of grass in walkways?
Cut grass very short..
Lay boxes overlapping on edges (do not open up)..
Cover with walkway material.. gravel, wood chips, hay, dirt, stepping stones, bricks whatever..
Enjoy your results : )

Want to use it to make a garden bed?
Cut grass very short...
Open boxes flat and lay out overlapping on edges...
Cover with compost and dirt (at least 6 inches)...

Want to use it as mulch?
Lay out opened boxes where you plan to plant..
Use a box cutter to cut out circles where you want to plant your seeds or starters..
Remove cut circles and throw in compost..

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