Monday, September 5, 2011

Earth Friendly Green Childrens Books

As i was shopping some time ago I found a book call in the garden.. its by green start.. the book is printed from 98% recycled waste but its not just that one book.. they have many!

They have book towers of small chunky books for little kids.. Little Learning Books, Little Animal Books, Little Vehicle Books, Little Nursery Rhyme Books

Their bigger books for toddlers are:
~ Five Senses
~ In the garden
~ One Tree
~ Animals Everywhere
~ Baby Animals
~ Little Helpers

They even have a couple floor puzzles and games!

I think this is fantastic because we cut down so many tress for our printed books this is a great way to read your books and save the trees to!!!

The Books and Puzzles cost between $5 and $12.. Check them out!

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