Saturday, September 24, 2011

Expanding my food growing..

Well I have all but one garden bed set up and planted in.. But what about sustainable plants like fruit trees, bushes, and other perennials?

That's my next step.. creating a sustainable food forest..

Food Forest: Forest gardening is a food production and land management system based on woodland ecosystems, but substituting trees (such as fruit or nut trees), bushes, shrubs, herbs and vegetables which have yields directly useful to humans.

So I have my veggie gardens and a couple small fruit trees (a peach, fig, lemon, and some bananas) but I want to expand on this.. I bought a papaya today to of course eat but also to harvest the seed from which I will sprout and set up around the edges of the property as well as through out the gardens.. I also plan on getting more fruit trees, I'm looking at Cherry of the Rio and Gulf Plums (which you need 2 of).. I will also get a couple more banana trees, a fig from my grandma, and a mulberry or 2.. this is in addition to expanding my blackberry and blueberry beds, and adding a grape arbor.. So I'm of course taking offerings of these plants or cash ;) to buy them

I love the idea of making this lot of land completely usable as well as fun to live with and play under..

I have seeds for Jicama, and cranberry hibiscus so I will be trying these out as well..

Today I weeded out the front flower garden which has lack of flowers and tons of weeds.. I now have 5 marigolds, lemon grass, a pepper, and a Petunia that are all visible and not choked out by weeds, I was thinking about planting a bunch of nasturtiums in there : )

I also am beginning to have a love of roses, they are beautiful to look at and smell, as well as being edible and usable for medicines and beauty products..

Well I hope everyone is having a good weekend! : )

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