Friday, September 16, 2011

Falls Coming

The official start of Fall is just a week away I'm preparing by digging out the fall/Halloween decorations, getting ready for rich cooking with spices like cinnamon, brown sugar and foods like apples, squash, and pumpkin.. Yum

Cinnamon Pork with roasted spiced apples were a favorite last year as well as apple crisp, caramel apples, and homemade from scratch pumpkin pie!

We have my friends baby shower the first week, followed by the USF fall festival plant sale where I will be getting some new trees, then we will be attending VegFest, and a bridal expo for my next years wedding towards the middle of October, followed up my Halloween!

In my garden the beans are happy (the cowpeas, bush beans and pole beans), the corn is growing up, the squash and melons are flowering and vining out, the chard sprouted well, I just planted my cabbage and turnips, I'm starting more peppers and tomatoes, next weekend ill be cleaning out the last bed chopping down the okra and using to developed mature pods for next years seed, in that bed ill start the lettuce, and next month carrots, I also have to start my onions and hurry up and ordered creole garlic for planting before they are all sold out!!!

In my last post I explained using cardboard in the garden and I plan on stopping tomorrow at some stores to collect a trunk full of large flattened boxes

This weekend is going to be pretty relaxing.. I have to finish my laundry, clean up a bit, sweep and mop the floors, and get the porch cleaned off for fall enjoyment, my main event is attending the monthly Green After Dark event in Odessa which is put on by Going Green Tampa, and the Odessa Organic Market and looks to have some great vendors on the lineup! The honeybee place is going to bring a observation hive, GreenDreams in going to do a presentation, and there's a promise of beer and live music!!! Seems like a perfect way to spend my evening!

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