Sunday, September 25, 2011

Farm Spotlight~ The Dancing Goat

The owner of this wonderful farm is Pam and she is a amazingly sweet lady who on her free time (which she has very little of) volunteers with places like Slow Food Tampa and the National Humane Society !!!

With awesome items like goat cheese, raw goat milk, soaps, eggs, and sometimes even Raw cow milk (of course all edible products are for "pet" consumption only~ See why at the bottom).. how could you go wrong?

I first ran into this charming woman at Sweetwater where I bought my eggs (before my own hens started producing).. then I got one of her bars of soap in my Christmas stocking from my Fiance, then I ran into her at the Saturday Morning Market.. where I chatted her up, took pictures, and bought some awesome goat cheese..
This whole operation is fantastic!!

A self described Yuppie Dairy in the middle of suburban Tampa!

How she got started!

It started as regular day that they now remember as Black Wednesday! First they found their cat dead, then came the news Pam's husband was laid off, after many tears they decided they would still be ok because of her job...Two weeks later that came to an end when the same company that laid off her husband called her in to announce they were pulling her contract to perform the work “in house”. The contract was for a quarter of a million dollars and was to be their retirement money.

Then came the would they survive. So she started brainstorming on how they could sustain themselves.

They loved fresh eggs and fresh milk, why not the rest of the world? Well after much studying and trading goods the rest is history and in your "pets" cup!!!

Where to Find Her?
Pam attends markets on the weekends - ALWAYS Saturday Morning Market in St. Pete (June - August in Williams Park, October through May in Al Lang Stadium Parking Lot) and Sweetwater Organic Farm Oct - May in Tampa. Starting first weekend in June we will be attending different Sunday markets - TBA.

Anyone who wants to work on the farm, meet the animals, meet a wonderful woman, learn about her, farming, and working with animals email her and set up a time to volunteer out there with her!!! She makes sure you will never leave empty handed!!! : )

More goodness?
She also offers fresh manure to anyone who wants to come out and get it, she may even help you shovel it!!!! Just email her to set up a time..

A Gallon of Raw Goat milk: $12.50
Half gallon of Raw Goat Milk: $7
She may offer quarts but only at special events - TBA
Yogurt and Kefir Quarts: $5
Goat Cheese (Half Pound): $10
Cheese Torte with Sun dried tomatoes~ Special Order
Soaps: $4.25 each or 3 for $12
Top Sellers of soaps: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Dead Sea Mud, French Green Mud with Tea Tree Oil, and Rhassoul Clay
~ Note: No fragrance oils are used in the soaps just essential oil she likes to work all natural
Eggs (Chicken and Quail): $4.25 doz chicken, 5.00/20 quail
Raw Almonds: Email for prices and availability

Also available Raw cow milk, cheeses, and butter from Lori of Jersey Acres
~ Email for prices ~

Email her at or call her @ 813-818-0305 to place an order for market pickup or to request a price sheet of the full product line.

The Dancing Goat
12502 Maverick Court
Tampa, FL 33626

Also check out her up and coming website HERE :)

Why for pet consumption only label?
Raw foods have a conspiracy behind them (despite studies that show how beneficial it is) that makes it illegal to sell in some states.. but here in FL(and 3 other states) they allow the sale of raw milk only for animal use..

The law is here as follows..
Raw milk sales for human consumption are illegal. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services interprets the definition of "sell" in the state administrative code to extend the ban on raw milk sales to any cowshare agreements as well.

Department of Agriculture policy permits the sale of raw milk for animal consumption even though there is no state law that covers this issue. The state permits raw milk sales for animal consumption either on the farm or in retail stores. Containers should have a label clearly stating that the raw milk is for animal consumption only.

How to help with change?
To try and get raw milk products legal in your state.. Write to your government leaders and let your voice be heard. You can find your state representative's contact information here

In 25 states raw milk is legal for "human" consumption.. The see if you state is click here


  1. that is pure awesome. I will check that out soon.
    Crazy regulations though, such fools. Here is a link describing how the FDA allows processed wood into food products, yet of course do not touch the Raw stuff we've been surviving on it for only 80,000 years or so the results aren't in yet.

  2. Thanks! Def check her out she is amazing!!!

  3. Wow, what a great company and farm! Also a great post...checked out both links. Soooo much information; too much to take in at once. Will be going back to Raw Milk to check out more. And lots of people don't know who to contact, it's easy enough to say contact your local official or Senator or whomever, but now they have the info they need right at their fingertips. Way to go!!!

  4. Hey! I think its important for people to work for the change we should have!!! And yes its a lot of info to take in! Thanks for the compliment on the post : )

  5. Thanks, Brittany. Kudos to her and her husband for being able to think out of the box and also do something worthwhile!