Sunday, September 18, 2011

Green After Dark - September

Another visit to Green After Dark left me again so happy that I just had to write up a review with some of the wonderful new vendors that came out!!!

It starts on a beautiful September evening, a cool breeze kept away the heat and mugginess of Florida and we started our drive the 20 minutes it takes to get from our home sweet home to the Odessa Organic Market.

I turned into the neighboring shopping centers to park and was greeted by wonderful smells of cooked foods, and the noise of happy people, joyful children, and a live band!

Which brings me to my first point.. The Groves! Travis and Justin came out to play us some wonderful tunes on their guitars promoting their newly released cd In Season! It was really chill groovable type music which was the perfect soundtrack to a enjoyable evening! They were also joined by the very talented Ashley Jones who has such a amazing voice, and fantastic lyrics! FYI shes my background music as I type this up! Im so glad to know we have such amazing people in Florida!

There were so many new and fun vendors this time, it was great to meet such wonderful and friendly people!

Right near the big tent was Providence Cattle Company which sells Grass Fed Beef! We are talking high quality yummy nutritious grass fed goodness! If you need any reasons to go Grass Fed just read my last blog about Grass Fed VS. Supermarket Meat. The family was super friendly and very sweet giving my little one a safe place to play and enjoy the night with their little one! They were busy informing people on cooking, using, and enjoying their grass fed products!

Next was Of The Earth which is handmade baskets! They were so beautiful! Picnic baskets, purses, standard baskets, wine holder, etc all original and beautiful! It was hard to take it all in cause all I kept thinking was I want this and this and Oh my mom would like that! : ) The artist was very nice and i enjoyed my chat with her, i even saw stashed in her bag was materials to weave a new basket!
I couldn't find her on Facebook but will link her up as soon as i can!

Next stop was the Its Our Nature vendor. Lots of organic clothing like shirts, socks, underwear, skirts.. and some awesome bumper stickers and buttons! They had one shirt I loved that simply said COMPOST with a apple core! It was all organic cotton! The nice lady who talked with me was named Amber and she was a joy!

Down 2 Earth was full of great items like eco grocery bags, produce bags, soap bags, my favorite item was their Support your local farmer shirt! They use open air markets and only carry products free from pesticides and other toxins! The even reuse their shipping supplies to help save the environment!

Next door the crowd around Fisher Honey Bees drew me in.. they had brought a observation hive full of hard at work honey bees! It was so interesting to watch them all climbing around!

After checking out the awesome bees the smells from Woodapple Farms made me go over and say hi! I picked up a wonderful bar of soap from her called Autumn Bouquet.. A warm blend of patchouli, lavender and vanilla. It smells amazing and the smell drifts out from the bathroom and floods the whole house with its warmth! She raises goats and uses their milk in the lovely soaps! There are such amazing products and smells! I could buy like 10 or more bars!!!! The owner is amazing and very friendly ready to talk to ready to explain and help you pick the perfect bar for you! : )

Then there is Holloway Farm Supply which brought a small chicken coop with 3 hens, and a tub full of baby chicks which excited my daughter so much! She loves the little chicks and wanted me to get some.. but 3 hens is enough for us right now!! : )

Then the man of the hour John who Helps Going Green Tampa set up this whole thing so we can all thank them for bringing us this fantastic event!!

Then there was the wonderful 2nd time vendors like Twisted Mind Rusty Metal which has the wonderful re-purposed metal tools into garden art, Green Dreams which had a nice garden talk at the tent and brought some wonderful Moringa plants, Pizza Fusion with organic pizza, Lettuce Eat Healthy with vegan foods, and blue sky drinks, Gone Bananas with whipped banana treats, Java Planet which was handing out yummy free samples of the coffee, Your Fresh Chef which serves up gluten free and vegan goodies, and Whatever Pops where my daughter and I shared a Key Lime Pie Pop!!!

To read more about the 2nd time vendors check out my first review!

Want to attend the next event?
Check out the facebook event to RSVP but its not needed!

This event is so enjoyable and i love going just to meet all the wonderful people, enjoy some good music, and enjoy the simple things in life!!!

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  1. Hi there, It's Tricia from Crunchy Catholic Momma. Chris from Wood Apple Farms is a friend of mine. SHe is such a sweet girl. I love her solid perfumes. I wish I would have known about this event, I would have loved to go. So glad you had a great time and thank you for coming by my blog a while ago. Sorry it took me so long to comment : )