Saturday, September 3, 2011

How much garden space do I have?

I have a 5x10 bean garden but only 3x8 is used.. so that's 24 sq ft of garden space
I also have a 4x8= 32 sq ft
4x4= 16 sq ft (onion bed)
2x3= 6 sq ft (garlic bed)
2- 4x18= 144 sq ft
2- 3x12= 72 sq ft

That is 294 sq ft of garden space in that backyard.. this is not including my fruit plant beds or trees.. or my future bed that has a spot just hasn't been laid out yet.. this will be another 4x18 giving us a additional 72 sq ft of space in the back

In my front yard I have
3- 4x8 = 96 sq ft

Not to mention my banana trees, and hopefully soon to be papaya trees, passion fruit vines, cherry of the rio, and tea shrub : )

Now while this is not even close to the needed amount of 1200 sq ft of garden space for a 3 person family to be truly self sufficient this will give us ALOT of our fruits and veggie needs if everything goes according to plans! : )

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