Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pictures Around Sunny Spot ( Sept 4th 2011)

Below are our pole beans, starting to climb the poles : )

Below: Lemon tree with chicken underneath in the chicken area

Above the new smaller chicken area

Below: Our cowpeas growing very well

Above our are cucumbers that sprouted!

Below: The new dug firepit

Above: A view of the gardens! All the winter squash.. also a row of watermelon and cantaloupe

Below: our garden bed with corn, tomatoes, and all sorts of just planted seeds..

Above: Another look at our squash beds : )

Below: Okra im leaving for seed

Above and Below is a look at our blackberry plants!

Brooke in the garden!! ^above


  1. It looks wonderful and a little advanced in growth stage compared to mine, though I am so pleased with my pumkin patch lol. Your garden will look so amazing at it's peak.

  2. Thanks : ) I would love to see your garden! Post a picture on the facebook page... the link is in the box on the right : )

  3. when I have a camera I shall. Say those squash love to climb ever think of trellising them? You will increase yield ;)

  4. Looks wonderful...very creative gardening.