Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28th, 2011

Hi There!

Today I moved our 1 ft baby mango plant from a weed and grass covered spot near the edge on the chicken coop to a area near the Sunny Spot Garden sign. I also Planted our moringa tree in a 5 gallon bucket which is now sat into the ground near the baby mango.

I plan on cutting up the papaya tomorrow and starting the seeds from it!

I went out and checked on the newly planted pineapple.. It starting to brown so i dont know if I did something wrong or if it just hasn't started to grow yet : /

Im growing more excited about the potluck every time someone new RSVP's! So far we are up to 12+ people for sure and 5+ maybes! I hope to see you all!!
Im not sure what everyone is bringing but I plan on creating some kind of egg dish from our fresh eggs as well as brew some tea from our outdoor herbs!

Tonight I watched a very fantastic movie about permaculture that inspired me and gave me some fantastic ideas to use around here!

Hope everyone has had a good week so far! :)


  1. Don't worry about pineapple - they are probably the easiest plants to grow! I planted 4 of them from store bought pineapples and they all rooted and all doing fine! All the old leaves will soon brown and die off and the new ones that form in the middle will grow just fine =))) Good luck with them!
    I've got a question to ask: what's moringa? Does it fruit or what? =)))

  2. Hey thanks for that! Moringa is a vegetable tree lol! It flowers and produces edible seed pods but most important is the leaves that are extremely high in vitamins! I just posted a blog about it : )