Monday, September 5, 2011

Tree In Bucket Approch

Since the tropical type trees (and any tree really) need more water then our climate sometimes provides I am attempting growing in large buckets or tubs! So far I find this method very convenient and it works!

Take a large bucket or tub I use the large something like 35 gallon tubs at Home Depot, they are blue or grey with rope handles and cost like $6.

Then drill your holes 4 inches up the side all the way around every 6 inches, fill with compost, organic fertilizers, and a light amount of potting soil (mix up well).
Plant your tree pat down, cover and fill around.. make sure tree is no more then 3 inches from the rim, water really well for about 5 minutes

I then dig a hole in the ground and plant the whole thing..(container and all) in the ground so it looks attractive, but can be removed if needed and brought inside the garage!

The holes 4 inches up are in case constant rains.. if your water level goes above those bottom 4 inches it will drain out your holes..

Give a good water maybe once a week until established and you see new growth, for the most part the rain is sufficient after that except during dry periods where you want to water once about every 2 weeks (deeply)!!!

Enjoy your new tree!!!

~ Note: I'm also using this approach for roses with fantastic luck like the one i cut from the garden below...~

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