Thursday, September 8, 2011

Whats Going On Here

Well today after work I came home and went out to the garden, the beans in the corn area have sprouted, broccoli is starting to sprout, NOTHING ELSE this bed has been planted almost 6 days!

So I went to my other beds.. chard starting to sprout as well as even a couple tomatoes.. this bed has been planted for 4 days...

Then off to my unlabeled starts where I planted the started tomatoes.. i have NO IDEA what i planted where as i forgot to mark the starts : ( Guess ill figure it out when they start producing!

As suggested in my last post by some readers I started more seeds and are pre-sprouting them on wet paper towels in my kitchen! Once they sprout a good root ill plant them out in the garden.

As to another urban farmer my seeds will now be stored in the fridge to increase their viability and germination rates!

The chickens egg production has started decreasing (or they are hiding their eggs) it seem to be down to one every other day or so..

Im trying to decide what i want from Crowleys nursery since they will be coming to town early October and i want to place my order so I can make sure they bring those types with them : ) (if you want to donate to my tree fund donate either using chip in which is at the bottom left of the page or paypal to your right)

This morning it was a wonderful mid 70's here which was fantastic to walk out into and even the days haven't been past the upper 80's but the news is reporting 90's again next week.

The watermelon and squash are starting to vine out! YAY!

My cowpeas are COVERED in aphids but also the ladybugs have swarmed it and hopefully take care of my problem!

Last weekend my daughter fell from her bed and cracked her head into the corner of her nightstand which prompted a midnight journey to ER, shes doing better but has developed 2 black eyes and purple bruised forehead, my poor sweetie

Well thats all the news from around here this week!


  1. Poor baby girl! Sending up prayers for a quick recovery.

  2. Sorry to hear about your little one. Hope she gets better real soon.