Monday, October 17, 2011

Down in the Gardens!

So I took time off this weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) to spend with my mom.
Due to unforeseen circumstances she was unable to spend the time with me (please send well wishes to my family in IL one member is very sick)so I spent the weekend doing other things.

Friday we went and got supplies.. screws, wood, drop cloth, fish, water plants, a decorative grass, and other stuff.

Due to a very impolite sale clerk at Home Depot who was flirting with some boys rather then paying attention to me and my order, we got some items free.

Let me explain.. I do my shopping around home depot ending in the garden section to get a bag of potting soil and a pretty grass (for around the pond).. I load up the cart and walk to the check out line.. The cashier is leaning against the counter surrounded by 3 boys twirling her hair, sipping some Starbucks over priced coffee, and doing that stupid giggle.. I stand there about 3 minutes completely ignored until I ask if she was open to check me out..
She huffed and said sure..
the boys left which upset her even more, throwing my stuff around huffing and puffing she rang me up, at this point I'm upset and just want to get the hell out of there.. she bags me up and I go to pay.. the swipe card machine was not working and she threw a fit she had to scan my card (not even telling me my total) when I left I was even so nice to say "thank you have a good day" my response? "Whatever" as she looked after the boys who had walked away..
I loaded up the car and drove home fuming, I unloaded and looked at my receipt to make sure the brat hadn't over charged me.. in fact quite the opposite she hadn't rung up half the items.. THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T HIRE STUPID PEOPLE TO WORK FOR YOU!

whew that was my rant...

Our mission for the 4 days were to build a arbor, dig a wildlife pond, plant the grapes and blueberries, finish the season seed planting, plant the sugar cane, clean the porch, and get everything ready for the potluck!

We dug the wildlife pond... click here and you can read that story

Built the arbor.. read the story here

Planted 5 types of lettuce (red deer tongue, simpson black seeded, may queen, sunset, and bronze arrow), 3 types of carrots (imperial long, parisienne, and cosmic purple), 2 types of onions (red creole, and Violet De Galmi), Rainbow Swiss Chard, the sugar cane cut into 3-1ft sections with 5 buds each, the grapes (carlos and triumph), the unknown blueberries, and 12 garlic cloves (from the store) just for fresh garlic tops :)

We also cleaned the porch, sweeping all the dirt, chicken feathers, droppings, mulch, and straw outside.. the trash was picked up and everything was organized.. the table was cleaned off and the rug was taken out and beaten with a broom.. I must say it looks very nice out there now.. PERFECT for the potluck.. Tomorrow the outside table will be brought in the porch area where it will be covered with a tablecloth and ready for the food for the potluck :)

Everything is coming along very well in the backyard.. now i just have to work on the front which is bare except for the cluster of bananas, the 3 figs, 1 mulberry and the flower bed.. 2 beds are empty and not even filled with compost yet.. but I hope to get some goodies from the potluck to start filling up spaces in the front and backyard :)


  1. once I get the rose cloning method down I'll bring you a sombrueil rose to plant, you could argue it is for encouraging pollinators but really it is the classic southern rose (hybridized in Charleston SC, 1850) if you would like. I'll bring some seeds and some small ornamentals at the potluck if your into that?

  2. That would be awesome :) Thanks a ton! The rose sounds lovely (yay for vintage roses)... ill see you Saturday :)

  3. Your potluck idea is cool. It was to get your neighbors together and meet one another??? And they bring gifts to each house??? What a great idea! I may be stealing that one.

    Had to tell you of a Home Depot story of my own. Hardly ever shop there but needed inexpensive annuals. I gathered up my stuff and paid, when I realized she hadn't charge me for a WHOLE flat of flowers, being the honest person that I am I went back (I was still standing right there, BTW) and told her....What did I get???? Absolutely nothing. Not even a thank you for my honesty. SHEESH!!! You are right, they do hire STUPID people.