Thursday, October 13, 2011

My First Attempt at Seed Saving..

So I only grow heirloom fruits and veggies, the problem with this is more and more GMO strains are ruining the growers crops which will eventually lead to no more heirlooms..

I am taking my own food growing future into my hands by attempting to save seed.. So far the only plants which have produced enough to save (still very early in season, had first harvest of the season yesterday) is the summer black eyed peas and okra.

For Okra: When I had large fully developed mature pods I cut down the whole okra plant and set inside the screened in porch to dry. First the leaves fell off then the pods started to darken, about 2 months later (today) I cut off all the fully dark shriveled pods and laid them out, ripping apart from the bottom the pod splits into 5 sections each with about 5-10 seeds.. I dumped them into my lap getting around 150-200 seeds from the 7 pods (some small pods some large)

For the Black Eyed Peas: I grew the plant, left the beans alone.. they grew big then turned brown as they matured.. I picked them when i could pinch the shell and it was dry and cracked at my touch.. I pulled apart each bean pod and dumped the peas onto my lap.. I will cook some and use others as seed :)

Right now all the seeds are in open glass jars so they can finish drying, about once a day I give them a shake :)


  1. Gotta be careful....they'll arrest you for that, you know... just kidding!!! But really it is getting scary how may GM seeds there are out there, eh?

  2. Ahahaha they better not try, mine doesn't contain their "gene".. nasty company.. Ugh. Yes it seems gmo is taking over not to mention many old heirloom seed banks have dissapered.. it would seem its up to us to help save the heirloom

  3. Love your blog

  4. I know we are talking seeds here, just wondered what I can do with some peach seeds I have .....Thanks! :)