Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My First Harvest of the Fall Season

Here in Florida our growing season and harvest season is just kicking into high gear. Today I harvested my first summer squash in 2 years.. let me explain..

For the past 2 years I have grown summer squash, Zucchini, crocked neck, all different types and every single season I have one problem or another.. Pests, disease, lack of pollination, animals.. UGH

I had pretty much given up hope of EVER trying summer squash again.. but have a couple sq ft of space between my tomatoes and a still half full seed pack of grey zucchini I threw some seeds in the ground..

They came up and now about 2 months later I have my first harvest.. A single fat 5 inch zucchini!!

Im sauteing it up with herbs tonight as a side! Im SOOOOOOO excited!!!


  1. And I bet it was the MOST delicious summer squash you have ever I right???? LOL.

  2. Oh my it was, it was!!! A light cooking with some greek seasoning... YUM :)