Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Tampa!

After a day at VegFest with family Brooke and I went to Occupy Tampa for our first time!

A large group full of kind people greeted us, a gentlemen made a balloon heart hat for Brooke and both Brooke and I drew up her sign as we gathered for the 3 o'clock march.

About 3:20 we started on our way breaking into groups and only crossing on cross walks and following the rules of the road. There were group leaders making sure we stayed together, leading chants, walking us across the crosswalks, etc. It was fantastic.

Many passing cars honked approval some shouting we are the 99% from their cars and others taking pictures and holding the peace sign.

We stopped on the steps of the government buildings and passed in front on many banks. Chanting 3 different phrases... "Show me what democracy looks like".. answered by "this is what democracy looks like", "we are the 99%", and "They got bailed out we got sold out"

Brooke and her sign were a hot ticket and everyone wanted her picture :)

We marched for around 1 1/2 hours around downtown then came back to the park where they have cold water at the tent, Brooke laid out her blanket and said lets have a picnic we sat there sharing a water watching people, some stopped by to take pics, others said Hi, others stopped to chat :)

I was very impressed with the wonderful energy, everyone helped everyone, everyone was kind and polite.. This is what we should be like all the time EVERYWHERE! This is people joining together.. male, female, All colors, all faiths, all sexual orientations, everyone and anyone gathered in one place helping each other and fighting for a joint cause.

I am glad to be apart of this movement.

Below is the short video I took during the march, it got windy!


  1. Good for you and you little mini freedom fighter! Too cute for words.

  2. Isn't she cute? I protested with my mom as a toddler now she'll do the same! Lol

  3. right the f***k on lol, been watching OWS since there were about four of them (thanks Reddit) and have been so inspired and impressed.

  4. Oh @cafe I know.. I started watching occupy wallstreets live stream as soon as I heard about it, then was so excited to see a Tampa Occupy.. I "joined" them when they had 3 members LoL
    Now we are up to over 9000 :) It was so great to go out and actually be apart of the movement.. I almost lost my voice for all the chanting and yelling :) IT WAS AWESOME!