Saturday, October 8, 2011

October 8th~ USF Fall Plant Fest

A warm not muggy day here in Central Florida, The sun was mostly hidden behind grey clouds. After starting the day visiting family Brooke and I made our way to our first USF fall plant festival.

Parking was easy just follow the signs and park in the field! We followed the group of people out of the field and across the street into a wonderfully treed area.

We paid our 5$ entrance and stepped into a plant paradise! Trees loomed overhead blowing in the wind, smaller plant grew in its shade, vendors were lined along the main pathways..
There were so many fantastic vendors like The Rare Fruits Council, Crowleys Nursery, Native Florida Flower Growers, Rose growers, orchid growers, bamboo growers, I mean just WOW!

My first stop was at this native Florida flower grower, I picked up a Swamp Daisy and some kind of hummingbird flower that said its nectar would convince a hummingbird to come to the plant even if you were 2 feet from it (plus it was covered in bees)..

Next on my way to search for Crowleys I went into the Rare Fruits Council's stand stopping first to get some fresh rare fruit juice.. Brooke picked the pink one which i believe was a passion fruit guava juice, we ducked in and looked around.
Oh My Goodness!!!! I could spend hours in there looking at all the plants. Tea plants, tropical cherries, mangos, papayas, persimmons, bananas, blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, figs, kumquat, oranges, lemons, limes, jaboticaba, beauty berry, sugarcane, and sooooo many others! Ugh I wanted everything!! Instead I got 2 blueberries and a sugarcane!

I walked down the lane passing beautiful flowers, herbs, other edibles but didn't find Crowleys.. I pulled out my map and dang it i missed it.. It was right next the the Fruits Council. I finally found it and I stopped in informing the gentleman I had put in a order in advance and was here to pick up! YAY for my Mulberry and Grape!! I have a dwarf mulberry which will reach around 10 feet vs the 40 feet of a standard type. Plus its ever-bearing and is currently covered in small fruits! I'm so excited!

I gathered up all my items at the holding tent and put my name in for the "plant taxi" :) I waited about 15 minutes as the winds picked up showering us with leaves and kicking up the dirt and sand around us..

I loaded my items in the taxi and we drove off to the car.. of course i lost my way in the field and drove him around a little bit eventually relying on my panic button to find it.
He helped me load up my goodies commenting on the sugar cane and asking where i got it because he thought it would be awesome to grow!!

I had such a fantastic day there!


  1. yeah pretty much a big sugar hit for a plant lover going over there. I am usually at the spring plant sale at USF - a great time and so much to see. A real discipline to stay focused there.

  2. Again, jealous of your growing opportunities!!! And your pictures are fantastic.