Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our New Grape Plants and Arbor

So I bought my grapes but..
I didnt really have a place to put them..
so they have been sitting on the side of my house in their pot..
Finally they have a place in the gardens!

I have been wanting to grow grapes since I started gardening but in Florida there are different choices you have to make and lessons learned.. for example you cannot grow the standard bunch table grape here (and if you can its VERY labor intensive)!

The type of grape that does well in Florida is the muscadine grape.
They are large and do not grow in bunches, many of the muscadines and the original have thick skins that you remove but breeding has developed a thinner style muscadine (not as thin as a standard but thinner then a standard muscadine).

I researched the different types of grape varieties and settled on a jam grape and a fresh/jam grape..

A vigorous, productive, self-fertile cultivar bred in North Carolina. Uniform ripening. The primary use of Carlos is for wine, juice and jam making. It does have a dry stem scar, making it acceptable as a fresh market cultivar though the skin is tough and bitter. Carlos is one of the most cold-tolerant cultivars when completely dormant in the winter.


A self-fertile cultivar out of Georgia. Production and vigor are good. Fruit can develop a slight reddish color when fully ripe. Fruit ripen early in the season and have good flavor, high sugar content, and "crunchy" pulp.

So I had my plants and needed a strong trellis for them to grow on but I was running out of space to put large plants..

My idea was to create a small sitting area near the pond outside so why not build a arbor for the grapes over it?

First stop was to Home Depot..
We got 4 2x2 pressure treated pieces of wood to put into the ground so they dont rot (these are also bad for your soil so please sink a plastic bag or bucket into the ground fill with dirt and stick your pressure treated wood into that)

We dug it down 16 inches into the ground leaving a little more then 7 foot above ground..

We also got 6 untreated 2x2 pieces and cut 3 pieces in half so they were 4 feet long

We drilled holes about 1 inch from the edge one each side

We screwed (2 inch exterior screws) the 4ft pieces horizontal (one on top, one on bottom, and one in the middle) of the sides.

We then laid the 8 ft lengths along the top one on the right one on the left and one in the middle, screwing it in tight to secure it!

I then tied rope every 8 inches or so along the sides to create horizontal bars for the grapes to climb along.

This took the help on my fiance and daughter and took the weekend to build :)

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  1. Wow! Looks great! Keep posting some pictures as the grapes vine up it!