Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Potluck...

It was a cool night with a slight breeze, the day had been spent cleaning, cooking, and preparing...

People started showing up a little before 5 and kept showing up until about 7 :)

There weren't as many people as I had hoped would show, but there ended up being about 12 of us.

We sat around the fire pit on hay bales and chairs chatting and feasting on good food.
I made hibiscus flower tea and a crust-less veggie quiche, we also had veggie curry soup, veggie casserole, lemongrass tea, spicy garlic rice, breads and a nice salad.

We talked about the occupy movement, plants, gardening, native edibles, medical problems, weeds, tree, organization of the gardens, etc

It was a fantastic!!

People brought wonderful plants and seeds for me. :) I got veggie plants like broccoli and tomato, flowers like day lilies and iris plants as well as some native violets and jewels of opar! Im a very lucky lady!

As the night approached and people started to get chilly we lit the tiki torches and started up a fire.. that fire burned for the 3+ hours as we sat around it talking.

The kids spent the whole time running around, climbing on the slides, playing with toys, and towards the end watching some tv while playing in the house. Brooke woke up this morning asking for her friend, and wanting to play some more :)

I think it was a great night, we all got along very well and it was fantastic to meet very interesting people!

As I plan to keep these types of events going to build a community, and I hope more and more people will join us!

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  1. wow that sounds really really good =) Keep it up! =)