Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Saturday before Halloween

Its Saturday and after a long week of work I was off and relaxing! The day started out grey and raining causing me to not want to leave my bed!

Once I got up I sent Ronnie off to work and started working on re-shaping the flexible plastic pond liner my dad donated to us.
I then had a wonderfully long talk with my moms, we talked about the coming holidays, gardens, canning, and life. This reminded me that I needed to create a wishlist for the Holidays (my birthday is the 16th on November with Christmas shortly behind) so I worked on that some :)

Brooke and I then decided to get some laundry going and head out into the garden where I gave everything a look over, took pictures, and trimmed leaves, stems, etc

I did some searching online for interesting garden ideas and was struck at the idea of turning a simple kiddie pool into a garden! How perfect and easy! We had already converted Brookes old sandbox into a shallow garden and this would actually be a lot deeper and larger! After passing a store last week I knew the kiddie pools were being put on clearence so I went and got a 45 inch wide pool for $7.. tomorrow I will fill it with the organic garden soil another gardener donated to us, lay out my dividers and start some seeds.. this will become my salad garden :)

We then got ready to go to Green After Dark- October

We had a super yummy veggie burger by a wonderfully kind man (he's at sweetwater all the time) and shared a new flavor of whatever pops (pumpkin pecan cheesecake...YUM). We hung out with the amazing people from GreenDreams and Brooke ran around with there son playing. We enjoyed some live music from The Groves while relaxing out there chatting with like mided people and enjoying the evening!

When we got home I cooked up some meatloaf shaped like a ghost to set the Halloween mood :) tomorrow I'm thinking Brooke and I will do some other Halloween activitys (not sure what yet) preparing for Halloween night on Monday (I get off work at 430 so ill be able to trick or treat with her).. This is the BEST time of year!!!

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