Saturday, October 1, 2011

September 30th and Ocotber 1st~ What I Did

September 30th (Friday) is my once a week short day at work ( I work longer shifts the other 4 days so i only have a 5 hour shift Friday) so I came home to the promise of cooler weather. I went outside and Brooke showed me how her garden was coming along (she is VERY excited about it) all her corn is up and about 3/4 of the beans are as well..
after that we did some weeding, checked on all the plants, harvested a handful of dry cowpeas that we brought inside and shelled putting in a open jar to finish drying, then went to see family for the rest of the night...

October 1st
Woke up early and slapped on some trash clothes (another words grungy) and opened the side door to the patio.
I looked at out thermometer and it read 62 degrees!! I was so happy!
I went outside and let the hens out of the coop bringing them a scoop of feed and a pat each! They seemed to enjoy the cooler weather as well.
There was a light fog making the morning seem surreal.. the neighbors rooster started crowing which was extremely pleasant sounding.. it was fantastic!

I came back inside shut off the air and opened all the windows letting that wonderful cool refreshing air in!

I took a shower got dressed and went a picked up my grandma so we could go to the opening day of Saturday Morning Market! There were so many people and tons of wonderful vendors!

We were greeted with fantastic music, the smell of food cooking, and a sea of bright colors and interesting items! After a trip to the bathroom for the little one we started at the back winding our way through! I stopped and grabbed a chicken gyro, Brooke had a meat, and cheese pastry, and my grandma had stuffed grapeleaves! I didn't purchase very much but man did i want to! I ended up getting a cooking yellow ginger plant that by next fall should have a harvest. My grandma stocked up on some Christmas gifts, and i got tons of ideas! It was a lovely morning!

We left and I brought her back to her place where i picked up her fig that she was giving to me, we ended up staying for a bit sitting on her porch enjoying the early afternoon and the cool breeze coming off the bay!

We left as Brooke started saying she was tired and drove home, we got home unloaded the fig, planted the little ginger plant, and it got me in the mood for garden stuff! I went inside and got re dressed in my trash clothes and went out lugging every plastic container i could find laying around the house which i drilled drainage holes into and started filling with dirt, i broke one of my plastic shelves down to make 3 level shelves that my new containers could sit on outside around the chicken area.

Brooke and I then painted the metal rotted(just the bottom) trash can that has become the compost bin, my mom called and i sat outside on the swing talking to her, as i was talking I saw red(one of our hens) escape the chicken area and i watched her do it so i caught her stuck her back in then 10 minutes later she did it again so i had a idea to stop it.. i went to each post wrapping twine around it one to another about  4 inches above the fence so she cant fly up on the fence to jump to the other side..

 All in all today has been fantastic, and with the promise of tomorrow being cooler i think tomorrow will be as well!

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