Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another Canning Adventure!

So out in the garden I realized I had a lot of beans, not as much as I'd like but a good amount, and since you are supposed to keep harvesting as much as possible (this keep the plant producing more and more) I had to do something with these beans. My daughter goes out and picks them everyday and just eats them fresh but i had another idea it it lined up with me getting another canning adventure under my belt! :)

I made... Spicy Dilly Beans!

With the help of another phone call to my momma I made 2 jars of spicy dilly beans!
These are pickled green beans with a fresh from the garden jalapeno!
I cannot wait to try these, and they were so simple to make!!! I will def be planting more space of beans next season to stock our cupboard full!!

3 things I learned:
~ Purple beans turn green
~ What a can sealing sounds like
~ Not to use dried dill weed

So as I am heating the beans in the pot with the vinegar and water, I look in the pot to see all of my beautiful dark purple beans have turned a deep green color, that was a shocker for me and I thought I had done something terribly wrong.. guess that's just the way they are..

Last time I canned we over processed which made the cans seal in the canner so I couldn't hear what it sounded like, this time within a minute of taking them out of the can I heard a nice PING!!! I got so excited I was giggling :)

.. so I also learned that if you use a dried dill weed as your dill it turns the liquid in the jar a brown color, fine for home eating but not the nicest to look at for gift giving!

Over all I am very excited to be able to add more home made and canned items to my pantry!!!

Yay for another successful canning adventure!


  1. We raise purple beans all the time. I love the purple color and it is always so dissapointing that they don't stay green. But they do turn a nice dark green. Yes, dried dill just doesn't work well for pickling. It is fine for relishes though!!

  2. To me the color changing wasn't a shock, there was a warning on the seed packet!