Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Arsenic in your Apple juice.. and Grape juice!!!

Every once in a while we sit back with a cup of cold apple or grape juice that we slowly sip bringing back memories of childhood, or maybe we pour a big glass for our own children.. I know I do.. or shall I say DID!!!

A new study from Consumer Reports found that 10% of the juices they tested had arsenic levels that exceed what’s allowed in water by the FDA and over 25% had high levels of lead. Consumer Reports and other doctors are urging that the FDA set limits on arsenic, warning of the chronic effects of exposure—especially in children.

The study looked at over 2 dozen juices and 88 samples from common brands in concentrate, ready to drink pouches, bottles, and containers.

The levels of arsenic they found weren’t enough to cause imminent death, but according to the researchers:
“What we’re talking about here is not acute affects,” Urvashi Rangan, director of safety and sustainability at Consumer Reports, told TODAY. “We’re talking about chronic effects. We’re talking about cancer risk. And so, the fact that 10 percent of our samples exceeded the drinking water standard underscores the need for a standard to be set in juices."

Five samples of apple juice and four of grape juice had total arsenic levels exceeding the 10 ppb federal limit for bottled and drinking water. Levels in the apple juices ranged from 1.1 to 13.9 ppb, and grape-juice levels were even higher, 5.9 to 24.7 ppb. Most of the total arsenic in the samples was inorganic, their tests showed.
As for lead, about one fourth of all juice samples had levels at or above the 5-ppb limit for bottled water. The top lead level for apple juice was 13.6 ppb; for grape juice, 15.9 ppb.

The following brands had at least one sample of apple juice that exceeded 10 ppb: Apple & Eve, Great Value (Walmart), and Mott’s.
For grape juice, at least one sample from Walgreens and Welch’s exceeded that threshold.

And these brands had one or more samples of apple juice that exceeded 5 ppb of lead: America’s Choice (A&P), Gerber, Gold Emblem (CVS), Great Value, Joe’s Kids (Trader Joe’s), Minute Maid, Seneca, and Walgreens.
At least one sample of grape juice exceeding 5 ppb of lead came from Gold Emblem, Walgreens, and Welch’s.

Ways to keep yourself and family safe? Don't drink juice, or go organic, or even better GO LOCAL FRESH SQUEEZED!!!! (yes readers I understand if your in FL this is almost impossible so go Organic)

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