Friday, November 11, 2011


This is the month where all the big changes happen here in Central Florida..

The weather cools (its 56 out as a type this), the humidity dies out, the rain stops coming as often, and the plants start producing..

My summer squash plants are producing well, the tomatoes are.. A.) Growing Up Fast.. or.. B.) Flowering and have little baby tomatoes, the Broccoli seems happy, the cabbage, kale, and chard are growing happily, the garlic is up and growing fast so we will start clipping greens to cook with, the salad bar kiddie pool is sprouted and growing well, I am also getting compost to spread in 1/2 of the bed to plant a BUNCH of carrots!!!!

My birthday is Wednesday the 16th but I have already started receiving gifts! From my momma I got a awesome Sauce Maker that latches to the counter top and seems AWESOME (I cannot wait until all my tomato plants are going wild)! As well as 3 books.. Fruit and Vegetable Gardening in Florida, 1/4 Acre Homestead, and the Urban Homestead!!! I'm sooooooo excited!!!

Both the outdoor fire pit and indoor fireplace are being used more often, and the rocket stove is being put to good use!!

The chickens seem very happy about the cool air, and as the grass in their area dies back they scratch it all up and poop.. so my thought will be that the rich turned soil will make next years grass even better.. (The chicken area is the only area I want grass to grow)

Tonight I am making the family a treat!.. Made from scratch homemade pumpkin pie Yum Yum!

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