Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Fresh Melon from the Garden!!!

A couple months ago all of my squash plants were infected with either a disease or insects. 95% of our plants died but a couple re-sprouted and sent out long shoots into the grass.
They turned yellow and started wilting back so I noted my mistake of planting so many same type of plants in the same spot and counted it as a loss.
About 2 weeks ago I was out yanking weeds and saw something like a yellow ball in the grass.. I figured the kids had thrown it over the fence and went to get it

I was shocked to find it was a watermelon!!! We had planted a mini watermelon that gets 2-3 pounds with bright yellow skin and salmon pink flesh. I think its called golden midget.

The watermelon was still green in some spots so i propped it up and moved the vine into the sun. Today it had finished ripening!

We went and picked it for breakfast and brought it in. Sliced we discovered this type is VERY seedy (reviews on the website claim the same)but also VERY juicy! The taste was nice but hard to enjoy because of all the seeds.
Despite the seeds I enjoyed it as a gift from the garden and it was a wonderful fall treat!:)

After all I decided not to save the seed and next year try a larger size watermelon.

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