Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My birthday delight!!

I had received a wonderful sauce maker from my momma, as well as 3 new gardening/homesteading books.. no for my fiance Ronnie finding a gift for me was tough!!!

To go to plan is plants, I always love them and I always want more.. but he wanted more thought behind it... what he did surprised and delighted me!!!

I had had a really tough day at work, customers, problems, etc etc and just couldn't wait till I got home.

I pulled in came inside and sat down I was immediately urged up out of my seat by Ronnie and Brooke stating that I had to come out to the gardens! They pulled me outside and we looked around coming to the fence edge and last garden bed I had 3 new 4x4 garden beds where there had been patches of grass and weeds... I was soooo excited!!!

He had removed the grass, built the beds, and filled them with compost!!! I'm soooo lucky!!! It was a perfect ending to the day making me have a new burst of energy and happiness!!!

New garden beds = new plants.. so with the remaining money I bought 7 packs of heirloom seeds!.. spinach, mustard, cauliflower, parsley, squash, rutabaga, and kohlrabi!!! I cannot wait to get my new seeds and get planting them in the new beds!!!
Everything can and will be planted ASAP except the squash.. that means each bed will have 2 types of plants giving each type 8 sq ft of growing space!!! Yay!

I have also received a handmade bracelet from my dear friend Jennifer, and a card with money from a dear friend of the family Kath.
All this and my birthdays not even until tomorrow ;) lol

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  1. Happy belated birthday Brittany! I felt so happy imagining your delight over your new garden beds! What a wonderful mate you have, to be so thoughtful and come up with the perfect gift.