Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Peace I Find...

Do you ever have those days that you just need to get away?

The holidays are supposed to be for Joy, Happiness and Peace on Earth but I dont see that. I see it bringing out the worst in people, the shoppers who pepper spray other shoppers to get that toy, or game they think they "need", People pushing and shouting at other human beings, people getting drunk because they cant stand to be around their family for more then a few hours, people just showing complete disrespect to others, I dont understand it..
So where do you go to escape this negative energy?
Where can you find complete peace?

I find my peace in the garden, sure I can still hear the life going on around me but while I sit in my straw mulched yard, between the garden beds filled with happy plants that aren't affected by the problems of most people I can close my eyes take a deep breath and sink into a state of peaceful meditation, one where my energy can join with the plants, I can pulse through their leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits.. I can feel them content and happy, slowly growing bigger and taller, the sun shining on their leaves, or the cool night giving them a wonderful rest.

In this mind state you forget all those problems that bother you, you can relax and become one with nature, its easy to just sit out there for hours, feet dug into the dirt, the smell of your plants in the air, aware of all the animals and bugs that make this world their home.. this is what peaceful perfection is..

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  1. I always find peace in nature. It's my "nature" LOL!