Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Privacy Factor

So my property is fenced in by a 4 ft chain link fence.. which serves its purpose.. Dogs out chickens in.. but it offers NO privacy which is kinda a nice thing to have!

On one side I have a neighbor who does not live there but does have a wood privacy fence up that has some kinda vine flower that grows over onto my side every year..

The back I have tried and tried to create some kind of privacy because we have young 20 something boys that rent, have broken boats, and other items laying around there yard as well as a mean dog that attacks the fence and howls every time we step foot into the back area of our yard..

On the other side our my Spanish neighbors.. VERY friendly, VERY sweet people, we have traded produce, plants, and foods.. as well as share conversation.. they do have a lot of spare parts around their yard and also got chickens (including the neighborhood rooster)but we get along really well.

They have decided to put up a 6 ft privacy fence and she was so sweet as to ask if it was ok because she didn't want to hurt our feelings. She explained that she had wanted a white privacy fence for the 15 years she had lived there but had never had the money recently her son got a settlement and bought her the fence she had always wanted. She came over offering yummy black beans as a offering as she explained herself. We told her that we were not insulated and glad she could finally have her fence!

So now we have our privacy on all sides but the back.. and sadly thats were we really need it.. LOL

We have honeysuckle that will grow along the back fence as well as I will be moving the hibiscus and oleander back there to grow as a covering bush..

Yay for the privacy we are finally getting.. this offers up more then just privacy seeing as how the fence will also act as a wind block. :) It will be interesting to see if this affects my gardening.. now to find something to do with my fence... Kiwi anyone???? :)

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  1. Privacy is nice, try bamboo - it'll grow like 20 ft high on the "renter's" side and is not as invasive as honeysuckle which is impossible to control and it can kill practically anything =) Just saying =)