Monday, November 21, 2011

A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

***A very happy thanksgiving to you.. to me, a very happy thanksgiving to you to me!!!***

In just 3 days Thanksgiving will be upon us, A day to give thanks for everything in your life.

This makes me think, what am I thankful for?

Im thankful for my family first and foremost!
I was lucky enough to find my soul mate very young, our energies connected and out of that bond a beautiful little girl was born, now almost 4 she has stolen my heart and I love her so much!

Im thankful for the land I tend!
My house has a small bit of land less then a quarter acre I believe, but I have work hard and am still working to transform my front and back yard into a plant paradise. Mother Earth has been kind, giving my plants the best she can, Providing me with sun, rain, and nutrients. I have harvested fruits, berries, squash and other types of veggies from her and I thank her for that!

Im thankful for my friends!
This is you, maybe we have never met it doesn't matter you take the time to read this blog, you write to me, hopefully you learn something from me! If we have met that's even better, meeting like minded people and building a friendship is probably one of the most important things you can do! So thank you readers and friends!!! You inspire me and keep me going!

There are so many, many things I am thankful for. What about you?
In these couple days leading up to Thanksgiving.. Stop and take a deep breathe, look around you, we are always going going going we never really just stop and enjoy what is there.. Maybe its a favorite restaurant that when you go in they know your name, maybe its the way the light reflects off the clouds that day, maybe its the way your loved one looks at you first thing in the morning.. What ever it may be cherish that and be thankful for it!!

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