Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Every year gardeners and farmers alike wait not so patiently checking their mailboxes for this long awaited seed book to arrive where we spend hours pouring over the lovely descriptions of what those little seeds will turn into, reading the sweet stories they include and even some fun facts scattered throughout.
Now the long awaited Baker Creek seed book arrived in my mailbox 2 days ago, and is arriving in peoples mailboxes across the country as I write this.
This is probably one of the best catalogs available to the organic heirloom seed grower, whether you grow in you backyard or on a farm.

Filled with over 1,400 seeds most plants you can dream about are in this beautiful book.
Pictures of their lovely harvests, leaves, flowers, and other goodies fill their glossy pages making this not only a seed catalog but what could also double as coffee table book.

I just love Baker Creek, not only have I had wonderful germination rates from 95% of their seeds, but their reasonable prices and low flat rate shipping cost have made me a very happy gardener in the past and I'm sure long into the future.

98% of the seeds we use here are from Baker Creek, and here is a BIG thank you to them :)


  1. I might send for one, sounds irresistable!I get most of my seeds from Johnnys Selected seeds in Maine because they are close climate wise, but I gusss Baker's would indicate adviseable growing zones?

  2. They don't say zones, but they do say great for short season warmth, great for colder areas, etc... the catalog is well worth it I assure you, I mean the pictures just stun me :)

  3. I got mine a few days ago! I can't wait to plan my spring garden!

  4. HI! I am moving to Tampa (Ybor) in February. I've grown up in Ohio and I LOVE gardening. My boyfriend and i will be living in an apartment with only a tiny balcony/patio and I have been doing google searches for community gardens so I might still be able to grow a lot of my produce? There are a lot of these in Columbus Ohio for apartment dwellers, have you heard or seen any in the Ybor area?

    -Sarah! (I'm glad I found your blog! Very fun)

  5. @Sarah I'm afraid I have not heard of many community gardens in the Tampa area at all, there are a couple, I know of one in dunedin, and then there sweetwater organic farm (they are a community farm).. the northern states seem to be taking more of a green step then here in the south, ill keep a eye out, add me on facebook and we will make friends, plus your always welcome at my pad to help out :) welcome to the sunshine state where gardening is slightly harder and very diffirent but worth the input.. I also advise asking if maybe u can use the rooftop to have a container garden?