Friday, December 23, 2011

The Chicken Area Decision

Well Winter has started but its still in the mid to upper 70's here in central FL with the nights in the upper fifties, and low sixties..

Outdoor work is still being done in full force.. this Christmas weekends project is moving the chicken area.

I had it right in front of the screened in porch but as I learn more about permaculture I understand animals should be in a outer zone with the garden beds closer to the door.. already the back half of my yard is garden beds so we are moving the chicken area to a new grassy patch in the corner along the house, fruit trees should also be in the outer zone so along the fence (including one in the new chicken area) is where any future fruit trees will be planted (hoping for plum and maybe another peach). We stuck new long posts in spaced about 4 ft apart with the old shorter posts between.. the old green fencing will be attached to all the poles, and then bird netting will be attached above that to the taller posts giving a much taller fence so the chickens can't escape into the yard without being supervised.

In the old chicken area they have completely scratched up all the grass and roots, littered their molting feathers and poop all around and have made the area a prime start for new beds.. there is currently a Meyer lemon tree and a mulberry tree in that area so those will be left and a couple small herb beds and 1 long garden bed will be placed there.. that also gives more of a area around my rocket stove giving a little more working room.

I'm very excited to get everything set up and fixed around here :)

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