Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Local Christmas

This year marked a huge leap for me.. at least in the Christmas shopping sense.

First of all, I am normally done Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving.. not this year, no sir.. this year its only 15 days and I AM STILL NOT DONE!!!! Ahhhhhh

But the awesome part is I have chosen to make this Christmas (and the first of many I'm sure) a local holiday. Almost all of my gifts, both stocking and full sized were bought from local artists, and other crafty people.

I learned a couple things that make this daunting task a little more fun and easy.

- Keep yourself away from TV commercials, they are always trying to convince you to buy the latest electronic, toy, style, etc

- Never have a set gift in your mind

- Write down a list for each person of favorite scents, foods, colors, books, their sizes, etc.. this will trigger your mind while shopping of what might be the perfect gift(s) for that person.

Around the Holiday's I'm seeing more local shopping events being set up every year as the shop local mindset takes off, this is huge and very awesome giving people who choose this way of shopping more choices.

I love shopping at farmers markets because not only can you grab yourself some produce and goodies but also find local handcrafted goods.
Ask your local farmers market vendor if they know of any local shopping events they are very knowledgeable and I'm sure more then willing to help you find one.

So now that my Christmas shopping is coming to a close I can say I'm very happy with all my purchases and can't wait until Christmas so people can open their wonderful gifts.