Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Years Eve Day

It has been a very exciting 2011 full of happiness, learning, and loss...

But today is the final day and I have a big day planned!

First is the cleaning and purging of our house..
Do you find that you get overwhelmed in clutter and things? I do and I find 2 really good times to purge.. one is in the middle of summer, when your so sick of the heat you just have to be indoors so you crank up the ac pour yourself a glass of iced tea and CLEAN, the second time is right after Christmas and the start of the new year this is the very best time because more then likely you got a bunch of goodies and awesome gifts and need a place for these goods.. so its out with the old and in with the new.. new pan set for Christmas? freecycle the old pans (keeping only the best) and replace with the new! New clothes? Freecycle the old that maybe you don't really wear anymore either do to style or size!!

Second is getting new chicks..
As my readers know the day after Christmas we lost our best hen.. she was the sweetest hen, and laid the biggest eggs of the bunch! Well we need to replace that hen and since chickens HATE being alone we are getting 2 new chicks :) I'm very excited and hope it works out otherwise we will be getting some around the 15th.

Third is cooking new years eve and new years day dinner.
New Years Eve..
So tonight will be filled with appetizers type foods... Swedish meatballs, chips, homemade chicken tenders, etc etc..
For new years day..
My fiance has a tradition of eating sauerkraut and kielbasa for dinner on New Years day so since we have been together we have kept this tradition alive and well!!! All day it cooks in a crock pot (bought a new one today) and fills the house with its yummy smells!

I'm really excited and though this weekend is sure to be a busy one I'm sure it will be awesome!!!

Happy New Years friends, we wish you all the best!!

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