Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Chicks

Ok so after the loss of Shadow I have been going through chicken withdrawal so what better way to welcome in the new year then new baby chicks!? I couldn't think of one.

So off to the feed store did we go, picking out our little chicks and getting them into the car.. they then made the trip to my grandmothers for a visit, where we sat and watched them... one little girl didn't look so hot. She was small and just laid around not making a sound... we started thinking of names and I scooped up that little chick in my hands. We decided on Happy for her for happy new year, as soon as i held her up to my face and asked her if Happy would be a good name for her, she changed.. she started peeping, I put her back down in the basket.. she was up cheeping loudly, walking around, stretching her wings and legs, acting like a completely different chick.. I was thrilled and knew we had found her name, the other is currently not named but I'm sure she will be soon!

After that we went on the ride home where I set them up in their new brooder, a simple rectangle laundry basket, lined with hay, and topped with shredded newspaper and paper towels.. we set up a little food dish, and their water bowel.. dipped their beaks and set them on a high bar stool under the heat lamp!

I feel wonderful having new little chicks in the house, hearing their little peeping is just wonderful!!!


  1. YAY for chicks. :) Happy New Year!

  2. How many watts is your bulb? I have heard conflicting things.

  3. I believe it is a 250 red heat bulb.. I used it for my last chicks and now these chicks.. because its on at night the red is more soothing then bright harsh white.. I have never had a problem and as they get older I ease it them off the light