Saturday, December 31, 2011


Ah yes the new year where people make promises to themselves they break within a month.. I want to lose weight, I want to quit smoking, I want to make more money... I hear these over and over and over again, but they are hardly achieved!!

My resolutions this year are different..

- Plant 3 new fruit trees
- Finish transforming my front yard into a garden area
- Start and finish my small scale food forest where there is now just leaves..
- Learn more about ways to work with nature
- Can enough food to fill up my shelves
- Grow as much of our own food as we can
- Start a Bee Garden
- Be the best mother and wife I can be
- Pay off as much debt as I can

As you can see most of my resolutions are attainable with a little hard work and many sweaty dirty days,
but some are harder like paying off my debts.. because after bills we really don't have much left.. just enough for food and a couple packs of seeds to grow our food..
One is personal because I strive to be the best mommy I can for my little angel and hope I am, and this year we will be getting married so now I also will strive to be a awesome wife ( which should come easy because I bleed awesome ;) lol lol)..

I would also like to lose weight.. and I already quit smoking over 4 years ago but I am not setting that as my resolution because its to easy to go off track.. nobody likes going on a diet to lose weight, or going through withdrawal to stop smoking so these things are easily pushed off to the side and forgotten.. but I love being a mom, and I love gardening, working to transform my yards into a living, and producing wonderland of fruits and veggies so these goals though there may be many will be fun projects to work on throughout the whole year, giving me a steady stream of satisfaction when one is completed!!!

So whatever your resolution(s) might be this year I wish you the very best in achieving them!!! Remember pick something fun and attainable because studies have showed that many get depressed after failing to reach those goals they have set.

Have a safe and very happy new year!!!!


  1. Hi Brittany, I admire your ambition! Maybe this could be helpful..I lost a bunch of weight last summer without even trying. It happened because I was concerned about the genetically modified junk and bad fats and preservatives in commercially made breads and bakery goods. I determined to stop eating any that I hadn't baked myself from organic ingredients. Because I was so busy I rarely had time to bake so consequently I ate a whole lot less carbs and lost around 15 pounds!Now that I'm not as busy, I've kind of gotten into the habit of low carb intake and have kept the weight off, no problem.