Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tis the Season..

to be jolly... falalalalalala


This season has been filled with ups and downs, drama and joy..
But this weekend I had a wonderful joyous night.

It started with a lovely dinner at my dad's.. the family was there.. Brooke, Ronnie, Dad, Traceen, Casey, and Cameron and it was very lovely, afterwards we piled into my SUV and drove to see a lovely christmas light display. Staying together in the Florida Cold (which to you northerners would be cool) was very nice, walking through the lights experiencing that Christmas joy as a family was just so nice, and I feel brought us just a little closer together.

See even though we live just 30 minutes apart we almost never see each other, and that dinner and time together made me so happy, just being together.. it was such a wonderful visit..

Heres some of the light display we saw!

It was mesmerizing and so wonderful, they had a fire going, and music, lights flashing and just the joy and smile on everyone's face.. that is what Christmas is about.. Family, laughter, joy... Not presents under a tree or in a stocking..
I loved every minute of it!

Afterwards I decided I wanted to treat everyone to a ice cream. So i asked around and got answers like 30 minutes away, or there's a Wendy's or McDonald's up the road.. but a little phone search pulled up a Custard shop 6 blocks away.. we drove over hoping they were still open and we were in luck.. it was called Rudolph's Custard Shop.. The owner has the place decked out in Rudolph Christmas stuff but not because of the holidays because his last name was Rudolph.. It was a small cozy place 3 seats lined a counter along the wall, and there was a table set up with kids toys but that was all besides the counter.. he had 3 simple flavors, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.. his trademark.. what really made him stand out was that his custard was made with honey..

and friends let me tell you.. Oh My Goodness..
We all ordered our cones, and took our first lick.. we were all stunned and mmmm'ed in unison.. that little custard shop in the middle of a not so great neighborhood that not even the locals who have been there for 50 years knew about had the most delicious fantastic honey custard.. no scratch that.. the best ice cream.. any of us had ever had.. WOW.

This is what made me so happy, we all by pass the little local places for big names we all know, but why.. when even the smallest of places can have such a big yummy impact. We will now make that a normal spot.. anytime my family ventures into St. Pete we will be stopping in a Rudolph's and having a fantastic cone!!

So that wonderful night the Christmas spirit came out in us all and we had a very memorable time that I wont soon forget!


  1. Aw yay! What an uplifting and positive post :)

  2. From the photos, a joyous time for sure.

    Blessings for a wonderful Christmas.