Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter is approaching

In most places people are preparing for winter, stacking wood, storing produce, putting beds to rest if they are not already, adding blankets to the bed, storing hay and food for the animals.. we do that all here as well..

The comforter is added to the sheet on the bed, the animal food is bought and stored in a sealed container from food seeking bugs, we stack wood for our chilly 30 degree nights ;), and we are harvesting and putting up food all winter long..


Well our nights are in the 50's and the days in the upper seventies.. STILL.. but even though the winter veggies are sulking, the tomatoes are loving it and the extended heat season is finally giving us what appears to be a wonderful growing season.. the plants are loaded with everything from small tomatoes to large tomatoes.. I am very very thrilled!!!

Now that it is closing in fast, I am getting very excited for Christmas, cookies have been baking, ginger bread house has been made, presents are under the tree (except for gifts Santa brings of course), my car is being fixed and should be ready by the middle of the week and even though we might be struggling with money I think our life is very good!! :)

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