Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ah Sunday

Sundays used to be a day of rest but with February 7th fast approaching and the News people coming to see the "farm", house, and us we didn't rest at all. From the moment we woke up there were chores to be done. Picking up the bathroom I had redone just the day before, picking up scraps of whatever "art" project our little one was working on, wiping down the counters from the crumbles of a good meal, trying to clean up our life and make it seem organized and perfect. Its actually far from it. The heat steadily climbed and for midwinter we were just about sweating, the house wasn't perfect and looked.. well lived in.. there is still laundry undone sitting in piles, the table is cluttered with items that have no place, and books are laying around with bookmarks or torn pieces of paper sticking out like jagged teeth.. but none of that matters I felt like we have had a very productive weekend and still have one to go before the big appearance! With the joy and frustration of waiting for our tax refund to come in and the news segment to be done its been hard on my sleep cycle but after this weekend of busy busy bee work I know I will sleep well tonight!

Outdoors horse manure has been dumped into a pile for spreading, blueberries dug up and moved into containers, bulbs about to be planted, plans taking form from brain to paper.. Ah yes... Sunday