Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chicken siblings

There is nothing cuter then little chicks but they grow up and fast!! At the start of the year we added to our flock 2 little ameraucana chicks. Both have their own personalities... Charlotte is very laid back (and likes to lay on her back)while Happy who is the smaller of the 2 makes up for it in spunk, always trying to peck at Charlotte or jump on her.. but they are no longer the small little chicks we first got and in just the 20 days we have had them they have almost completely feathered out and have at least tripled in size!!!!

Happy and Charlotte were already the little sisters to the big girls out back (as of right now the big girls hate the little girls) but now we have thrown in a curve ball.. a brand new 3 day old chick.. YIKES!!!!!

So the little sisters are now also big sisters and they do not like the little fluffball on bit!!! Charlotte seems to be more relaxed about it, even allowing the little fluffball to sleep under her wing but Happy will not leave her alone, always pecking and chasing.. and when Happy starts Charlotte starts, and I feel so bad! :( I know they will get used to each other and it takes time but the new chick is just so small I feel like my heart is being torn when I hear her peeps of concern! Last night was the first night of them being together so I could hardly sleep, worried they would smother her, or peck her to death. I swear I had a dream where I woke up went to check on her and the older chicks had grown to monster size and there was blood everywhere and I just knew they had killed the little fluffball like some kind of horror movie scene. But when I woke this morning she was fine, relaxing under her heat lamp while the other 2 cuddled in the opposite corner. I do hope they hurry up and bond or I might just go crazy!!!!

I refer to the new buff orpington chick as the little fluffball because she is one, and as of yet we have not named her!

Update: January 22nd... Little Fluffball didnt make it :(

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