Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Homemade Deodorant


~ 1/4 cup baking soda
~ 1/4 cup corn starch
~ 6 Tblsp. coconut oil
~ A old empty deodorant container or/ a toilet paper cardboard roll

~ Heat up coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch in a pot
~ Add a few drops of an essential oil into the mixture. *optional*
~ Once the ingredients are melted together, place the cardboard roll or old deodorant container vertically on a flexible cutting board or small plate, and pour a small part of the mixture in. Allow it to solidify and then add the rest. You may leave it out to solidify, as long as its cool in the house otherwise stick in fridge!!
~ USE!!!!

Why store deodorant is scary..

British researchers have found traces of chemicals called parabens in tissue taken from women with breast cancer.
While there is no evidence they cause cancer, the scientists have called for the use of parabens to be reviewed.

Dr Philippa Darbre and colleagues at the University of Reading carried out tests on samples of 20 different human breast tumours.
Writing in the Journal of Applied Toxicology, they say they found traces of parabens in every sample.
Their tests suggested the chemicals had seeped into the tissue after being applied to the skin.
"This is the first study to show their accumulation in human tissues," said Dr Darbre.
"It demonstrates that if people are exposed to these chemicals, then the chemicals will accumulate in their bodies."

In 1995, the Archives of Toxicology published the results of
a study by French scientists from the Toxicology Laboratory at
Bordeaux University: when aluminum chloride (once commonly used in
antiperspirants) was applied to the shaved skin of lab mice, the
aluminum in their brains doubled. This seems to suggest that the metal
may be absorbed by the skin, a concern that has only been compounded
by the recent appearance on the market of aluminum free
antiperspirants. A number of studies have suggested a possible link between
Alzheimer and aluminum says Prof. Jim Edwardson, Director Of the Medical
Research Council Neurochemical Pathology Unit at Newcastle General

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  1. Either make your own or go without, it's not worth the risk. Nice job Britt.