Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mid-Winter Rain

Florida winters are dry and chilly.. this year though has been pretty mild.. we had 3 days of freezing temps her at Sunny Spot Gardens which fried a lot of my plants like the figs, moringa, and bananas but that has been it so far!

Most days are in the 60's with nights in the upper 40's or low 50's. It seems like perfection except for the dry dry dry weather!

Luckily today we got a nice rain! It seems it dropped a little less then a inch of water but it was a great relief since I recently planted a lot of new goodies!

I got 7 bananas from a local man (4 went around the pond, 3 in the food forest), I transplanted some strawberry runners into the food forest, I planted nasturtium seeds, sowed another round of cosmic purple carrots into a large plastic container turned garden pot, sowed basil, fennel and chive seeds.. as well as some perennial bunching onions, and artichokes. I also got 6~ 2 year old crowns of Mary Washington asparagus planted.

This rain gave everything a decent soaking in and for that I am thankful!

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