Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Green Harvest

I say my green harvest because everything is unripe.. 80% of my heat loving plants died in the 2 nights of hard freezes we hard here in Central Florida!!!

I had to harvest my large tomatoes and black cherry tomatoes.. the only ones that made it were my violet jasper, the eggplant died and we lost 2 eggplants.. this baby eggplant is the only one that made it!!

Now just to figure out what we are going to do.. with batch 1 we made green tomato salsa so I might just make another batch!
My green harvest!

6.6 oz of green unripe black cherry tomatoes

A huge unripe tomato

Batch 1 of green tomatoes.. 5.75 lbs

Batch 2 of green tomatoes.. 5.9 lbs

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