Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Urban Farm Wishlist:

We take donations anytime and everything is put to good use and MUCH appreciated!

Things we need:

~ Spare wood (building wood)

~ Compost, Manure

~ Trellis

~ Wheelbarrow

~ 5+ Gallon Buckets

~ Re-bar

~ Anything we can plant in

~ Plants
- Fruit trees
- Flowers
- Herbs
- Exotic Veggies and other edibles
- Roses

~ Fencing.. any kind really mostly animal

~ Nails, Screws, Etc

~ Bricks, Pavers, Etc

~ Mulch, hay bales

~ Stones, Rocks

~ Pond Plants:
- duckweed
- watercress
- lily pads
- other edible pond plants

~ A old bathtub

~ Jars, bottles, and storage containers (Glass please)

~ Overabundance of fresh produce, that we will freeze, can, eat, etc

~ Chicken Food, waterers, feeders

You can also donate money via paypal using the sidebar..

Our address: 9509 N Dartmouth Ave Tampa FL

~ Thank you in advance!!!!!


  1. I could bring you some horse manure sometime, and probably some seedlings. I'm close to Carrollwood, Citrus Park area. The farm where my horse is, gives away there manure on Mondays, you come shovel it and take as much as you want. Its South Tampa at the end of Bay Shore Blvd.

  2. @Stephen I would appreciate that!!!! What times can you go to the stables? I work 9-6 on mondays.
    If your close to carrollwood/citrus park your right around the corner from me :) I'm north tampa and am maybe 10-15 minutes from citrus park