Saturday, January 14, 2012

Perennial Veggies for Hot and Humid Areas

Perennial in all of the Hot and Humid zone:

Allium ampeloprasum ~ Perennial sweet leek

Canna edulis ~ Achira

Allium cepa aggregatum ~ Shallot

Allium cepa aggregatum ~ Potato onion

Allium cepa proliferum ~ Walking onion

Allium fistulosum ~ Welsh onion

Allium tuberosum ~ Garlic chives

Apios americana ~ Groundnut

Aralia cordata ~ Udo

Asphodeline lutea ~ Yellow asphodel

Atriplex halimus ~ Saltbush

Beta vulgaris maritima ~ Sea beet

Brassica oleracea acephala ~ Tropical tree kale

Bunias orientalis ~ Turkish rocket

Camassia scillioides ~ Wild hyacinth

Cedrella sinensis ~ Fragrant spring tree

Cnidoscolus spp. ~ Bull nettles

Cynara cardunculus ~ Cardoon

Allium ursinum ~ Ramson

Colocasia esculenta ~ ‘Celery Stem’ taro

Cynara scolymus ~ ‘Purple Sicilian’ globe artichoke

Cyperus esculentus sativa ~ Chufa

Dioscorea opposita ~ Chinese yam

Diplotaxis spp. ~ Sylvetta arugula

Helianthus tuberosa ~ Sunchoke

Cicorium intybus ~ Chicory

Malva moschata ~ Musk mallow

Nasturtium officinale ~ Watercress

Nelumbo nucifera ~ Water lotus

Oenanthe javanica ~ Water celery

Opuntia spp. ~ Spineless nopale cactus

Petasites japonicus ~ Fuki

Phytolacca americana ~ Pokeweed

Polygonatum biflorum canaliculatum ~ Giant Solomon’s seal

Rumex acetosa ~ French sorrel

Rumex acetosa ~ ‘Profusion’ sorrel

Rumex acetosella ~ Sheep sorrel

Rumex scutatus ~ Silver shield sorrel

Sagittaria latifolia ~ Arrowhead

Sagittaria sinensis ~ Chinese arrowhead

Scorzonera hispanica ~ Scorzonera

Stachys sieboldii ~ Chinese artichoke

Taraxacum officinale ~ Sandelion

Tilia spp. ~ Linden

Perennial in colder parts of the Hot and Humid zone:

Allium tricoccum ~ Ramps

Chenopodium bonus-henricus ~ Good king Henry

Cicorium intybus ~ Chicory

Crambe maritima ~ Sea kale

Laportaea canadensis ~ Wood nettle

Levisticum officinale ~ Lovage

Urtica dioica ~ Nettles

Perennial in warmer parts of the Hot and Humid zone, or perennial with protection. Most of these species can also be grown as annuals in the colder parts of this zone.

Abelmoschus manihot ~ Edible hibiscus (as dieback perennial)

Alternanthera sissoo ~ Sissoo spinach

Arracacia xanthorhiza ~ Arracacha

Basella alba ~ Malabar spinach

Brassica oleracea ~ Wild cabbage

Brassica oleracea acephala ~ ‘Western Front’ perennial kale

Brassica oleracea acephala ~ ‘Tree Collards’, ‘Walking Stick Kale’

Brassica oleracea botrytis ~ Perennial broccoli, including ‘9 Star’

Brassica oleracea ramosa ~ Branching bush kale, including ‘Dorbentons’

Carica papaya ~ Papaya

Cnodoscilus chayamansa ~ Chaya (as dieback perennial)

Cucurbita ficifolia ~ Malabar gourd

Dioscorea alata ~ White yam

Dioscorea esculenta asiatic ~ Lesser yam

Dioscorea trifida ~ Cush cush yam

Dolichos lablab ~ Hyacinth bean

Eleocharis dulcis ~ Water chestnut

Gynura crepioides ~ Okinawa spinach

Hibiscus acetosella ~ Cranberry hibiscus

Ipomoea aquatica ~ Water spinach

Ipomoea batatas ~ Sweet potato

Momordica charantia ~ Bitter gourd

Manihot esculenta ~ Cassava

Moringa spp. ~ Moringa (as dieback perennial)

Musa x paradisica ~ ‘Rajapuri’ banana (warmest parts, with long season


Oxalis tuberosa ~ Oca

Phaseolus coccineus ~ Runner bean

Phaseolus polysantus ~ Cache bean

Physalis pruinosa ~ Ground cherry

Psophocarpus tetragonobolus ~ ‘Day Length Neutral’ winged bean

Psophocarpus tetragonobolus ~ Winged bean

Saccharum edule ~ Pitpit

Sauropus androgynous ~ Katuk (as dieback perennial)

Sechium edule ~ Chayote

Smallianthus sonchifolia ~ Yacon

Tetragonia tetragonioides ~ New Zealand spinach

Trichostigma octandrum ~ Basket vine (as dieback perennial)

Xanthosoma brasiliense ~ Belembe

Xanthosoma saggitifolium ~ Tannier, yautia, malanga (roots need long season)

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  1. Great list! Would you happen to have any cuttings/seeds for sale of some of these plants? Especially looking for Yacon and Chuffa.

  2. Hi Brittany, are you in z10 or 9? I have tried walking onions in z9 fl several times and they don't seem to naturalize. Have they for you?

  3. @Chris ~ I currently do not have cuttings/seeds, many of these I am just starting or trying to find (ill let you know as soon as i find some)

    @Scyther ~ I am zone 9 (Tampa, FL) I do not have walking onions going yet, I have spoke to about 4 people in the central FL area who grow these and claim to love them, I think the main thing is getting starts that are already adapted to FL vs up north where most starts are sold from.. This is the site I am ordering from (
    I also just started seeds for a hardy evergreen bunching onion which is supposedly perennial!!

  4. I am on the Space Coast/east Central Florida. I would love to find a local source for Tropical Tree Kale, Purple Tree Collards, and 9 Star Perennial Broccoli.

  5. If i find some in the area I will let you know right away :)